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Team Remote ASP Debugger PRO 7.98 لقطة شاشة

Team Remote ASP Debugger PRO 7.98

The only #1 rated Award-winning ASP Debugger.

من: Spline Technologies

Team Remote ASP Debugger PRO 7.98 لقطة شاشةTeam Remote ASP debugger PRO is the only #1 rated award-winning ASP debugging tool that enables your team to easily edit and debug ASP code remotely and locally, directly on your production server. VBScript and JavaScript debugging languages (including JScript) fully supported for simple and complex ASP debugging scenarios.Now Featuring dockable floating windows, and an intagrated interactive step by step ASP debugging guide.Team Remote ASP Debugger enables you to: Debug VBScript error in ASP code, Debug JavaScript (jscript) error in ASP code, Expression Evaluation, Set Breakpoints in ASP, Step in / out / over, Variable Watch, Advanced "GET" and "POST" form debugging and more

التغييرات في النسخة الجديده:
MAJOR UPDATE, see website for details

الترجمات المتاحة:

انظمة التشغيل المدعومه: Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003, Win Vista

نص 7.98

الحجم 4.09Mb

نقرات: 135 سعر اخر للمنتج

عداد التحميل: 38

الترخيص: Commercial

العسر: 150 USD (الشراء الان)

تاريخ الاضافة: 20 Sep 2010

تاريخ التحديث الاخير: 14 May 2012

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