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Recommend no screenshot Audacity 1.2.6 Freeware

Audacity is a free software crossplatform audio editor and recording application.

Date added: 30 2013

AbelCam 4.1.0 screenshot AbelCam 4.1.0 Freeware

Webcam Server with PTZ support for more than 2000 devices. Webserver included.

Date added: 29 2010

AmericanTax 3.8 Freeware

Calculates American sales taxes state and district.

Date added: 29 2010

Amateur Invest 2010A screenshot Amateur Invest 2010A Shareware

Money, Stock & Portfolio Management. Easy to use. FREE price / quote updates.

Date added: 29 2010

Addict 4.1 Commercial

Spell checking and thesaurus component suite for Delphi and C++Builder.

Date added: 16 2010

AMRandom 4.3 screenshot AMRandom 4.3 Freeware

Generate Random Numbers to fit Probability Distribution - Full Delphi Source.

Date added: 16 2010

no screenshot AntiAlias VST 2.9.6 Freeware

Anti-aliasing your tracks with this plugin will greatly improve audio quality.

Date added: 16 2010

Advanced Pathway Painter 2.24 screenshot Advanced Pathway Painter 2.24 Freeware

Display pathways (KEGG, GenMAPP...) for gene- and protein experiments.

Date added: 29 2010

Alliterate screenshot Alliterate Demo

The Alliterate program literally alliterates given words.

Date added: 16 2010

no screenshot Archiver 4.0.0 Shareware

Catalog and organize your disks collection.

Date added: 16 2010

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