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no screenshot FirmTools Hexis 1.1 Freeware

Hexagonal tetris-like game.

Date added: 22 2010

FileTimes 1.9 Freeware

Read and set Windows file/dir times from Java: Create/LastModified/LastAccessed.

Date added: 15 2010

no screenshot Flicky 1.0 Freeware

You play as a cute blue bird who has to save its chicks from frisky kitties.

Date added: 21 2010

FourTidy 2.8 Freeware

Tidies, sorts, aligns and dedups Take Command/4NT/4DOS DESCRIBE file descriptors.

Date added: 15 2010

File Splitter 1.3 Freeware

Split large text/html files into smaller files using embedded split commands.

Date added: 15 2010

no screenshot Fake Progress Bar 1.2 Freeware

A Fake Progress Bar for your desktop. Look busy even when you're not!

Date added: 15 2010

FoxPac 1.1 screenshot FoxPac 1.1 Shareware

Navigate your fox through 50 fun mazes while eating food and avoiding ghosts.

Date added: 17 2010

FontSaver 1.4 Freeware

FontSaver shares Font objects instead of creating new ones.

Date added: 15 2010

FontShower 2.9 Freeware

Displays all the fonts available to Swing in Java.

Date added: 15 2010

Freeraser screenshot Freeraser Freeware

Digital information shredder. Destroy secret files for good, for sure, for free!

Date added: 15 2010

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