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HS FTP Library 1.2.0

HS FTP Library (File Transfer Protocol - RFC 959) Static lib and DLL

From: Hillstone Software

HS FTP Library 1.2.0 screenshotHS FTP is a software Library written in C which implements the Client side of the File Transfer Protocol over TCP socket layer according to RFC 959. The library allows a user application to connect to remote FTP servers, traverse server directory structure and send and receive files. The HS FTP protocol Module supports passive mode data connections, user / password authentication and a number of commonly used FTP commands: USER, PASS, TYPE, PASV, LIST, CWD, RETR, STOR, MKD, RMD, DELEOfferd in two editions:* Standard Edition (source code is not included): includes Static C Library and standard DLL library, which can be used from various programming languages (Microsoft and Borland C/C++, Visual Basic, etc)* Blueprint Edition: includes all of Standard Edition plus full Source code in C.Features- FTP Client RFC 959 operation- Server name resolution- Concurrent FTP client sessions- Passive mode, firewall friendly- User / password authentication- Asynchronous OperationTo connect to remote FTP server, the user application calls HsFtpCliConnect, supplying connection parameters, such as remote FTP server name or IP address, username and password for authentication etc and a pointer to callback function that the HS FTP module uses to communicate with the user code.When the control FTP connection is established and HS FTP has successfully passed user / password FTP account authentication phase, the user application is asynchronously notified via user event callback function with HS_FTPCLI_USR_EV_LOGGEDIN event. The user application can now request remote FTP server directory listing using HsFtpCliList function, change directory HsFtpCliChdir, transfer files with HsFtpCliSendFile and HsFtpCliGetFile.More info at http://www.hillstone-software/hs_ftp_details.htm

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OS Support: WinXP, Windows2003, Windows Media Center Edition 2005, Win Vista

Version 1.2.0

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Date added: 22 Sep 2010

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