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Quoter 4.6

Converts text with many possible cleanups and transformations.

From: Canadian Mind Products

Quoter 4.6 screenshotConverts text with many possible cleanups, includingpreparation of HTML and Java, aligning in columns, characterset conversion, case converting, removing excess whitespace, removing blank lines, preparing regex expressions....converts raw text with the following possible cleanups:1. Quoting for HTML, e.g. dealing with ampersand or accented characters.2 . Converting HTML entities; back to plain characters.3. Stripping out HTML tags4. Quoting for Java String literals e.g. c:\\MyDir\\MyFile.txt -> "c:\\\\MyDir\\\\MyFile.txt"5. Quoting for java char[] literals e.g. c:\\ -> new char { 'c', ':', '\\\\' }6. removing leading and/or trailing spaces.5. removing embedded control characters.7. collapsing runs of spaces into one space.8. collapsing multiple blank lines into one line.9. converting to UPPER, lower, or Book Title case.10. Aligning space or comma delimited text in columns.11.Aligning Java source in columns (considers "\\"", '\\'', /* comment */, // ... in column delimiter rules).12. Converting raw multiline clipboards into regexes by quoting reserved characters for search/replace for Funduc or Java regexes, followed by converting to Java string literals or CSV fields.

Available Translations:None

OS Support: Java, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, Win2000, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinServer, WinXP, Win Vista

Version 4.6

Size 1.59Mb

Hits: 135 visitors

Downloads: 81

License: Freeware

Date added: 15 Aug 2010

Last Update: 10 Nov 2009

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