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Coal 1.0 Freeware

Calculates how long coal will last in the USA depending on consumption growth.

Date added: 15 2010

Advanced Pathway Painter 2.24 screenshot Advanced Pathway Painter 2.24 Freeware

Display pathways (KEGG, GenMAPP...) for gene- and protein experiments.

Date added: 29 2010

GENOM 2005 3.40 screenshot GENOM 2005 3.40 Demo

Feature rich and user friendly application for analysing microarray experiments.

Date added: 16 2010

Stormpredator 3.5 screenshot Stormpredator 3.5 Shareware

Personal Radar-View, track and forecast thunderstorms on 3D topo maps.

Date added: 19 2010

no screenshot Audio Spectrum Analyzer - OscilloMeter 7.30 Shareware

Multi-channel Audio Spectrum Analyzer for Real-time.

Date added: 20 2010

Chinese Calendrics 10.15 screenshot Chinese Calendrics 10.15 Demo

Chinese Calendar converter and a tool for the study of the Chinese Calendar.

Date added: 22 2010

no screenshot Five Cellular Automata 7.70 Freeware

Software for exploring five cellular automata: q-state Life and more.

Date added: 22 2010

no screenshot Framsticks Theater 2.10 Shareware

A powerful simulator of 3D artificial life forms with a simple user interface.

Date added: 22 2010

Equation Illustrator V screenshot Equation Illustrator V Shareware

Equation editor with vector and picture (bmp,emf,wmf,png,jpg,gif) support.

Date added: 22 2010

REACTION 1.0 screenshot REACTION 1.0 Freeware

REACTION: Generation, Manipulation and Analysis of Complex Reactive Systems.

Date added: 22 2010

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