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Align 1.6

Aligns data in ASCII text files into neat columns.

From: Canadian Mind Products

Align 1.6 screenshotALIGN aligns data in ASCII text files into neat columns
Also converts comma-delimited files to columns with 2 spaces
between each column. Input fields must be separated by
commas or white space. Fields may contain spaces if they
are enclosed in single or double quotes or C comments /* ...
*/ or //. The best way to understand this program is to try
it on a COPY of any ASCII Text file, especially one that
contains badly aligned columns of data. It left justifies
the output so it is designed for columns of text, rather
than numbers. C source is included. Copyrighted, but may
be distributed freely and used for any purpose except

To use:

align.exe somefile.txt

Don't use it on Microsoft Word docs, except plain ASCII or

Changes on the new version:
now handles up to 1024 columns

Available Translations:None

OS Support: Win2000, Win7 x32, Win98, WinServer, WinXP, Win Vista

Version 1.6

Size 0.11Mb

Hits: 156 visitors

Downloads: 66

License: Freeware

Date added: 15 Aug 2010

Last Update: 02 Feb 2010

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